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Hi and welcome to the Tallo Community!

I am Nicolette Devlin (@Tallo Community Specialist ), Tallo's Community Specialist! If at any time you need help, you can contact me or the Tallo Community Team at [email protected].

Before you dive in, allow us to share with you how to navigate the Tallo Community.



How to find what you're looking for


The search bar at the top of the community home page is your highway to anything you're looking for. Simply type in a word or phrase, and we will show you everything that matches up with what you're seeking.


The quick link section allows you to quickly get to a specific place within the community. This section is always visible no matter where you go in the community.


The Tallo Community has many categories. Each category represents a different topic that you can participate in based on what you're interested in. These categories include:


If you're interested in a particular category and want to follow the activity on it easily, you can do so by following it. Do so by clicking on the category and then selecting Following next to the category title.


Did you know that with the categories you have followed you can get email notifications? This way you won’t miss out on any updates! Here’s how:

  1. Click Edit Profile

  1. Click Notification Preferences

  1. Scroll down to the “Followed Categories” section and click the Email checkbox. Then, click “Save General Preferences”.

Now, get ready to never miss out on a top post again!



The recent discussions section is where you can see what the Tallo Community is talking about right now. In it, you will find the community's most recent posts, discussions, and comments.


In the heading above you see the For You section. If you have bookmarked and followed different posts and categories this tab will populate information based on your interests. The more you follow and bookmark things the more tailored it will be to you. 


If you're interested in a particular discussion and want to follow the activity on it easily, you can bookmark it. Do so by clicking on the bookmark icon at the top of the discussion.

You can access all of your bookmarked discussions in your My Bookmark section seen here on the main homepage:

How to participate in the community


Make sure your discussion is related to education and career-related topics. To start a discussion in the community, decide which category it falls under. Go to that category and click the New Post button and choose "New Discussion." 

From there, give your discussion a title (make your title clear and easy to understand so others can find it easily), and then add your content.

You can make your content dynamic through rich-text styling as well as the ability to add additional media such as pictures or videos. You can even insert emojis 😀.

After you've finished your content, you can click Post Discussion to go live, or select Save Draft if you'd like to finish up and post later.

Don't forget to add tags to your discussion—more on that later. Keep reading!


Make sure your question is related to your education and career goals. To ask a question, simply follow the same steps above, but this time choose the down arrow on the New Post button and select "Ask a Question." From there, ask your question!

STARTING A POLL (This feature gets unlocked as you rank up!)

If you wanted to start a poll, just follow the same steps above, but this time choose the down arrow on the New Post button and select "New Poll." Ask your poll question. You can add an optional description of the poll if it's helpful.

From there, build out the options that will power your poll. These are the options that other community members will see and choose from when participating in your poll. You can add multiple poll options.



It's always a good idea to add tags to your posts. You can choose from popular tags others have created in the community. Once you reach a certain rank you can create your own tags if you can't find one that matches up with the subject of your post. To tag a post, simply add them in the Tags section when starting a new discussion.

Adding tags helps others find your posts more easily in the community.

Pro tip: Click Popular Tags to see the most commonly used tags in the community and select any that match up with your post.


Posting a comment is easy. Just click on a discussion you wish to comment on, and add your comment in the Leave a Comment field. Once completed, click Post Comment. Ta da!

If you are responding to a specific comment or post click the quote button. This will add their question to your comment and notify the member that you responded to them. 


If you liked a particular post or comment, give it a reaction and let the community member know! The following reactions are available for you to give others some love:

  • Insightful 💡
  • Agree 🙂
  • This Helps ❤️


Interacting with others in the community


If you know of someone in the community that may be able to help or provide some insight into a particular discussion, you can mention them in a comment and let them know so they can participate!

Anyone who is mentioned will be notified of the activity so they can take action.

To mention someone, simply enter the "@" symbol and type the individual's community member handle. Then, select it from the populated options below.

An example would be @SheaTighe @Tallo Community Manager