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    Calling everyone to action. Please share this with others!

    Nurses week is now upon us. If you or your peers are interested in any type of medical field that involves nursing please participate. The first Ask Me Everything is already Posted on the Tallo Community, as well as, how to earn a $1000 scholarship if selected. I know so many of you on here are interested in the nursing field or medical field, please participate. If you are member in your middle school, high school, college, of a nursing club or do not have one at your school Tallo now has a nursing club for all to participate in, even if you do so at school already.

    Please, share with others I have not shared with below, the point is to reach a wider audience and recruit people to join, not to tell the same people the same information, unless it is a reminder. Remember that Tallo's platform operates even during the summer with tons of activities. Thank you so much.

    @heybuhhy64 @chloe @Victor @VforVictory @Cosmetics_Nurse08 @Spaceplant @KayPaw @Penny @GraceBrusky_Official @Noora7 (thank you for participating already in the Ask Me Everything), @TwinTurbo @FluffyBunny @vh0607 @kddmensah @Ajayjoe4567 @caroline_kreutzberg1 @Marcos @AshlynnPicard @Rouge_Shadow @WyattVF @Ahall197 @DarkNovirst @Pyrux @gbear @Toasty_Toast @EshanSri

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    Dcadi thank you so much for letting me know, I need to get more active on tallo! And seeing this will make that happen!! I and very interested in the nursing field. Thanks Dcadi!

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    My pleasure and good luck. Hope to see you around when you can.

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    Hello new members,

    My name is David Mensah and i wish i am in the nursing field.

    What makes me admired the nursing profession so much is their

    passion for the work. They are also very neat with their welled polished pointed

    black shoes, walking majestically in a stylistic way to attend to a patient. Their mode of communicating

    to patients make the patients to be heal in advance. This make the profession to be very attractive

    and enjoyable.. Please if you have an opportunity, kindly join the profession.

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    Welcome @AshlynnPicard!!! Feel free to ask whenever you need to!!!!

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    Hi everyone, my name is Edna and am a registered nurse, I'm from Papua New Guinea, live and work in PNG too. I completed college. And am happy to join the group.

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    Hi Tallo Community! My name is Abbigail and I am a sophomore in high school. I have been a Tallo participant for about a year now. I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada where I attend a career and technical school. I am a military child so I have moved every 4 years to places such as Italy and Germany. I am still not quite sure where I want to attend college. I do know that I am passionate about dance, music, astrophysics, astronomy, and healthcare services. I also love to read and hike or go for walks in my free time. I am hoping that Tallo will help me discover what careers I will want to pursue once I graduate.

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    Hey @AWOL24 welcome back. We are here to guide you the best way we can. I suggest starting with Tallo interest inventories to see what you are interested in, how you learn best, etc…. After that you should have a direction to start with for a career interest. Best wishes and just tag me or any other participant, we are here to guide and support you the best we can.

    A few other participants that are active, involved, may have gone through your same concerns, but not a comprehensive list are: @Noora7 @Penny @VforVictory @GraceBrusky_Official @8662865 @KayPaw @TheBradMau5 @TwinTurbo

    Glad you have come back and we look forward to seeing you around Tallo Community.

    Best Wishes

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    Thank you so much @dcadi! I will definitely look into those opportunities.

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    Welcome to the Community!

    I'm in my last 30 weeks of pharmacy school!

    I suggest taking math and science courses in high school to prepare for a career in healthcare.

    Personally, I took American Sign Language over the summer, so I could use the 2 required years of foreign language in high school for more science courses.

    For space, I'd check out a local Challenger learning center or maybe a science center to see about a volunteer/internship opportunity.

    For music/dance, I would suggest connecting with your local community theatre to perform there and gain experience and connections in show business.

    You are welcome to ask me anything too! Break a leg as you decide what you want to do.

    And remember that you can do more than one thing.

    I'm going to be a pharmacist who knows sign language, and I love performing at my local community theatre.

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    @AWOL24 hello! My name is Marcos, but my squad calls me deluxe. I live in San Antonio, Texas, and im 14. in my free time, i like to play fortnite on my xbox, surf soundcloud, dance, and write rap songs. i hope to become a rapper when im older. some of my favorite rappers/singers are XXXTENTACION, Shiloh Dynasty, Juice WRLD, YNW Melly, SwitchOTR, Bebe Rexha, Khalid, Morgan Wallen, and Kane Brown. if you ask me to name 10 XXX songs, ill most likely name 15 lol :>

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    Hey @Marcos! I think that's such an amazing passion! I hope you can one day fulfill that dream.

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    I know I'm late… but welcome! You came to just the right place!

    I hope you get comfy, Tallo has a lot to offer!